Cullen Steel projects include detail drafting (using the latest AutoCAD and Tekla Structures drafting software), shop fabrication, welding, surface treatment, painting, delivery, onsite erection and QA documentation of the structural steel. We communicate with our clients consistently throughout the project and collaborate closely with the builders to ensure projects run smoothly. Any issues that arise during the course of a project are discussed and resolved quickly.

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Plate Processing

Cullen Steel uses a PCS plate profiling system, parts for fabrication are nested into stock plate sizes and programmed to drill the holes and then are cut using either high definition plasma cutting system or are oxy cut into the required shape and size to be later assembled and welded onto the final assemblies.


Cullen Steel uses advanced machinery to efficiently process steel sections with precision.

Our equipment operates with n.c. (numerically controlled) files produced in our Tekla 3 D software capable of very tight tolerances.

Our coping robot produces a wide variety of cut types and weld preparations significantly reducing workshop labour and eliminating errors.

Assembly Welding

Cullen Steel provides professional assembly welding services. Our fully qualified tradesmen have access to the following equipment on our premises:

  • Portal framed factory buildings
  • 2 x 300 amp tig welders
  • 4 x 1000 amp automatic sub arc welders
  • 4 x mobile welders
  • A state of the art robotic assembly and welding cell system


Cullen Steel uses a modern in line shot blasting system where the steel beams are feed by conveyor into the shot blasting machine coming out the other side blasted clean and ready for painting.


When fabrication for a project is complete, Cullen Steel will transport the steel structures to the site location. Our transport service ensures the product is delivered to the final destination with extreme care and expertise.


Cullen Steel offers site erection services, we operate under our WH&S policy, produce SWMS & MSDS and work under safe work practices as required by the builder.

Appropriate cranage & EWP as well as all PPE together with experienced rigging personel.


We have a dedicated project management team who delivers projects on time with their can do attitude. Cullen Steel’s project managers are experienced in managing all aspects of the project from start to finish, liaising and coordinating with clients, builders, tradesmen and suppliers. Our project management team is not only committed to ensuring the smooth running of projects but also in providing a safe working environment at all times.